Steve Rothery Band T-Shirt + Postcard with autograps from Gdańsk

Hello, Freaks!

We're still recovering from Steve Rothery Band's amazing performance in Gdansk (United Arts Festival, August 13th).

We would like to invite you to buy some occasional t-shirts and postcards from Gdansk that we still have left.

This was a one-off merch, designed especially for Gdansk. It wasn't planned at all, we did this 'over night' as an emergency to help Steve make up for his cancelled flights and some extra costing due to current Covid situation in the UK.

The design refers to Neptune's Fountain, a historic fountain in Gdansk, a mannerist-rococo masterpiece, and one of the most distinctive landmarks of the city.

We will transfer all profit to Steve directly. Please support us if you can!



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